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December 1, 2020

6 Simple Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing

In the recent years, Online Video Marketing has seen an immense rise in its trend. Several studies show that videos often work better than simple content. This is obviously because people are more interested in watching stick figures playing around with words and colors than simply having to read content in black and white. A more authentic research shows that videos attracted 50 times more traffic than that of simple text pages.

There are quite a few reasons as to why one would go market their product through videos than simple content. Social media has a big role to play in this. Many social media sites encourage video posting and sharing. And you would obviously want to market your product through a channel that is encouraged and therefore trendy. Another such reason is that the fact that it barely costs anything to record and upload a video on social media and once recorded, your video keeps getting views.

Since online video marketing has received such an immense popularity all over the web, it is important to have a deep insight into it. This is because you don’t want to miss out on one of the most amazing marketing experiences you can help your brand undergo. Let’s take a look at 10 most commonly successful tips to help you master online video marketing.

Quick tips for Video Optimization

Title counts

Just like a caption to your Instagram post, your video’s title has the power to attract traffic and only you can give this power to your video. The reason why title is so important is because a good title obviously attracts attention. Apart from this, using relevant keywords in your title can help attract great traffic to your site. One of the most important things you can remember is the fact that Google owns YouTube! And that’s why, there has to be a connection between videos and the keywords that one uses in the search bar. So make your title count and come up with something that no visitor can afford to skip!

Provide Content That Sells

When it comes to online video marketing, one might think content doesn’t have to be that great since you already have too much creativity in there. That’s a massive misconception because your ideal viewer not only comes with the intention of checking out your attractive video but he’s there to see what content you’ve got to provide him with. So it’s quite advisable that you spare some time for your viewer and think about what you can do. This is when you set your target audience. If you seek to talk to your ideal viewer only, then you gotta be smart and have your take on all possible ways through which your content can impress your viewer. For instance, for many viewers, video content that pertain to ‘How to’ are extremely popular because you portray you as an expert thus earning you some more points from your viewer. It is, therefore highly recommended that you study you viewer and provide content that he’s looking for. Be precise in your choice of words.

Include a URL in your video

There are various features you are likely to come across while editing your video. This is when you can add a text box to your video and insert your web address. It’s a proven and a great way to earn some traffic back to your site.

Take Advantage Of Video’s Branding Opportunities

Online Video Marketing provides you many different opportunities. One such opportunity pertains to that of branding that you get while marketing through a video. Just like your URL, you can have your company display its logo somewhere in the corner of your video. The said logo can be made through an online social media design tool such as Logo Verge or you can also hire a professional logo designer to get the job done for you.  Another option of displaying your logo is at key times in the video. It entirely depends on you so you don’t have to stress over that since this technique doesn’t involve a whole lot of technicality. The most it does is brand you product a step ahead.

Always Insert an HTML Link

When writing a caption for your video, its best to provide your own website link. This is because in most cases, your viewer might not be that interested in watching the entire video and end up clicking on the provided link instead so you gotta make sure that the link is there and your site is easily accessible.

Go Beyond YouTube

Once posted on YouTube, don’t restrict yourself to the only video-sharing website out there. Reach out to your audience through your own website. Remember, an audience loves authentication so anything backed up by your own website is likely to attract more followers. Embedding your video in your own website increases the chances of you getting your audience more indulged in and curious about your advertisement.

Moreover, when your video is viewed on YouTube as well as on your own website, this is recorded in Google’s algorithms thereby increasing your chances of showing up in the search results.

Online Video Marketing can clearly do a lot to help you gain a good audience for your brand thereby increasing your sales with just some minimal extra efforts. So try out some of these and initiate your brand’s online video marketing today!

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