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December 1, 2020

As Part of the Corporate Overhaul , Uber Redesigned Its Logo


After the hiring of a new chief marketing officer, Rebecca Messina who was the former Coca-Cola executive, a change was sure to be witnessed. Uber not only redesigned both of its apps logos but also improvised its mission statement.

Uber has unveiled a new logo for its ride-sharing app as well as for the food-delivery service, Uber Eats. In the pursuit of making the logo responsive and scalable, the company has used a simple wordmark that reads “Uber” with a capital “U” which will be used as the shortened version of the logo. It is a much more simplified and fresh version of its logo.


Uber’s initial logo:



Later, Uber changed it’s logo:



Uber’s re-branding in 2016:



The all new Uber’s logo of 2018:



The change is subjected for the reason to make the company stand out from the clutters and to leave a prominent footprint among its users.  As per the company’s experts:

the “new, simplified logo for the Uber app … brings back the U, is easily recognizable and is scalable across the 660 plus cities we serve”

Being a second major corporate overhaul in the Uber history, the change is aimed to make the brand more conspicuous, which the former logo failed to achieve.

“As we expand our reach into our other markets and modalities, it’s super important that it’s very clear that when you’re getting into an Uber car or on an Uber scooter, you know that is an Uber product. We weren’t achieving that with our current system.”

Restructuring their marketing goals, the company has improvised their mission statement and presented the newest version which states that,

“We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion”. While pondering over to its former mission statement, “Make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone” it is clear that the firm has now set its best foot forward and is in a full-swing to bring a massive productive change in the industry.

The new version of Uber and Uber Eats has closely linked traits with the logos of some prominent platforms like Apple, Netflix and Google. The wordmark in the logo has a custom typeface called “Uber Move”. The typeface is similar to Sans Serif fonts, a font used globally as a transportation signage. Adopting the trend of making a custom typeface, which is famous among the top Silicon Valley Companies Uber, highlights the rising standards of the company.

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