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December 1, 2020

How to Make a Great First Impression on Your Site

The digital marketing industry has various aspects that are to be looked into and paid special attention to when it comes to making good impressions on your audience. These aspects may pertain to the website content, layout, development and design. The latter is one such aspect that this post focuses on. When you think about your own website, there are a thousand things you need to consider. At first, you need to make sure that you understand the fact that your website is your very own marketing portal of your brand and this is why you need to make it a killer success if you’re looking for some great traffic.

Your brand’s website design is, therefore, extremely crucial because this helps with a number of things. For starters, it brings people to you. Secondly, it makes them stay. Believe it or not, a good website design always makes a reader stay. No matter how much they say you’re not to judge a book by it cover, the book is always judged by its cover-more or less. This is because human eye is generally attracted to something that is colorful and appealing. And if you add some logic to it-this could be your own brand marketing tactics -you’d be good to go! One important function that professional website designs play is that they turn your website reader into your customer and that’s when you know you have made a great impression on your audience. And of course, when we talk about marketing, it’s a whole lot of game of impressions.

When a reader feels thoroughly impressed by you and your website, there is no chance he wouldn’t turn into your customer or at least think of becoming one. And that’s all you want-the first step is all you want. Your website design should talk your reader into actually considering you for their next purchase and that’s a goal! Once you have gained your audience’s attention, you’re very likely to gain their trust too and this is when your reader starts trusting everything you say or show. Remember, as a brand owner, all you have to do is get direct your audience towards your content and for this, you gotta use your design as your weapon. The more time your reader spends browsing your site, the higher are the chances of him becoming your customer!

Website Synergy

Synergy is one of the many things that a good website owner takes care of. It is misconception widely believed that copywriting is the only thing that helps your make an impression of your site. This is completely against the law of website synergy in online marketing industry. This is because copywriting and website content are not the only things that can make an impression on your audience. There is something that comes even before the two of them and that is, the design of your website. Since design is the very first element of your website that does that initial action of diverting your audience towards your website and further making them stay.

These said two elements; design and content, thus, are both extremely important to make it all count. They both are to work in a synergy to infuse your website with the power that does the great work of convincing your visitor. Here are a few things a good website design does:

  • Builds trust in the reader’s heart
  • Drives your reader towards the positive aspects of your website
  • Provides an attractive frame to your website
  • Makes the reader stay and read more
  • Has the power to turn a one-time visitor into a regular customer

Now that you’ve seen that a good design directs your readers towards your content and it is the content that does the work of convincing your reader to buy what your content says, you know that a synergistic flow of design and content is what makes your online marketing successful.  Let us skim through some more dos and don’ts of online marketing.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Website Design

First and foremost, while designing a website, you need to remember that your website is to achieve a goal and not simply impress people with how artistic it looks. Therefore, you have design with a set goal in mind: To turn visitors into buyers. If you, yourself are a qualified professional website designer, you will do well for your brand if you keep this in mind. But if you are, by no means, a professional designer, you will do well if you hire one and share your objective with him. All in all, it’s your website, you gotta make sure that you don’t fix any loopholes that may impede your progress.

Keep It Simple

A website with a high conversion rate has an important quality and that is simplicity. Confusing designs tend to drive your audience away from your website thereby killing the conversion rate at all costs. In order to prevent this from happening, it is highly advisable that you adopt simplicity on all levels of web design.

Another tip to earn an audience for your website is making your webpages easy to navigate. Many a time, we come across websites that are very slow and their webpages take quite a few minutes to load. This is another very undesirable thing to happen to your website. Have a simple website structure with big and easily read buttons that help your audience easily locate what it wants. Keeping your web design simple and easily accessible is, therefore, another tip you can make use of while drafting some online marketing tactics.

Whether you are a professional web designer and you simply choose an online web design tool such as Logo Verge or you hire one, we recommend you give these tips to your web designer and get all your requirements across to your designer so that he knows what exactly you wish to show your audience and how.

Happy Marketing!

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